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Furnace cleaning & inspection checklist

   1. Test safety controls

    2. Clean and adjust burner assembly

    3. Adjust pilot

    4. Clean and check ignition assembly

    5. Adjust gas pressure

    6. Examine heat exchanger/monitor flue draft

    7. Inspect/adjust blower components

    8. Evaluate air flow

    9. Measure for temperature difference

  10. Tighten electrical connections

   11. Measure volts/amps

   12. Lubricate all moving parts

   13. Check thermostat accuracy/level if deemed necessary

   14. Clean accessible condensation drain

   15. Clean/replace filter if customer has one at the time of service or informs us to bring one

   16. Monitor furnace cycles

   17. Inspect duct work

   18. Test furnace carbon monoxide level